2018 NBA All-Star Game Selections, Snubs and Drafting Your Ideal Mate

Today’s Podcasts discusses the newly implemented draft by the two top vote getters.  This year, the captains are LeBron Jame and Stephen Curry.  Who got snubbed?  Who doesn’t deserve to be there?  You tell us.

Followed by drafting your ideal mate.  What do you look for in your mate to be in an emotional monogamous committed

relationship?  Mori and Mia have very specific characteristics they look for.  Do you agree?  What are yours?

4 thoughts on “2018 NBA All-Star Game Selections, Snubs and Drafting Your Ideal Mate”

  1. Lou Williams is in the West, Chris Paul is in the West. Kyle Lowry is in the East. Williams and Paul are guards. They go up against Curry, Harden and even Thompson in terms of voting because they are all in the western Conference.

    1. This was a draft. The NBA, for the first time changed the rules of engagement. Lebron James and Steph Curry could have drafted anyone, regardless of conference.

      1. Under the NBA’s new voting process, the two top vote getters in each conference — currently LeBron and Steph — will select rosters from a player pool. The fan vote, measured above, is worth 50 percent of the voting, while players and certain media members will also submit ballots, which will be worth 25 percent each. So each team’s captain must still pick players who would be All-Stars under the old format, but there are no longer conference restrictions.

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