Hey Fam,

Quick question, do you like sports?  Are you interested in having a successful relationship, whether a dating relationship or committed relationship?  If so, we have something to tell you, so keep reading.  But before you do, think about all the debates you’ve had with your friends and family about who the best Superbowl team was or who the best baseball was. We have had the same debate with our friends and family.  When you know sports like Mia does, you will have your friends and family stop talking because the opinions based on facts on our show will shut people up.  So, who are we?

Mori Langshaw Sr is a Father, Bartender and Author of Renegade Relationship. He turned divorce, death, downsizing and depression into a small business providing relationship coaching and started a podcast with his girlfriend, who you will read about in a second.  Actually, to be transparent, Mori was FIRED from his “good government job” in  September 2010.  Five months prior, he was divorced from his wife and separated from his 3 children.  And five months later, after the firing, his father died on his oldest sons 7th birthday.  For the rest of that year, Mori fell into a depression.  He didn’t really leave the house much and was unable to pay $3000 per month in child support.  Subsequently, put in jail for non payment of that child support.  Months later, he met Mia Mignon Webb, online, and the two dated for a few months.  Mia is a Mother, former Paralegal and author of Youth Football, My Sons and Me.  Ironically, Mia was FIRED from her “good government job” and has 3 children of her own.  Since neither wanted a relationship at the time, they became friends.  Eventually really good friends who saw the other in relationships.  Since neither of those relationships worked out, Mori and Mia decided they were for each other and have been together since 2016.

We decided to become our own bosses and start a podcast, Routes and Relationships.  R&R has become a fairly popular podcast, garnering about 50 downloads per day.  We are providing fun and entertaining sports content on the sports segent and practical relationship advice on the relationship segment of the show.  We asked earlier if you like sports? If so, this is a show, from which, you will get great entertainment value. If you want practical relationship advice on real life relationship situations, this is a show you will find extremely helpful.

It is our hopes that you will become part of our exclusive community of sports enthusiasts who want to live and love “happily ever after”.  Being part of our exclusive community, you will have access to sports debates and real relationship advice not available on our regular podcasts or video vodcasts.  We hope you join us on this journey.

Be well, Live well, Love well Fam

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