Are You NFL Boycotting with Telling Your Friend They Are Wrong

Who else wants to take a stand and not receive backlash?  Colin Kaepernick took a knee in protest of police brutality against unarmed Black men during the singing of the National Anthem. He did this on the advice of an Army veteran after he, initially, just sat on the bench during the National Anthem.  The backlash was enormous.  Black men and women joined in the protest after Kaepernick was not signed to an NFL team.  White men and women, including the 45th President, took issue with him kneeling, calling it disrespectful to our flag thus our country.  So many people ended up boycotting the NFL for various reasons.  Where do you stand 2 years later?

Also, does your friend do things that are just flat out wrong but they do it anyway?  How do you handle a FRIEND do things in a way that is unbecoming?  Do you tell them?  Do you leave hints?  Do you let things play out?  Do you mind your business?  Leave us a comment on how you handle “wrong” friends. 

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