EP 37 Lonzo Ball Rap Beef & Men Rebound Sex Quickly and Often

Todays episode is filled with lots of relationship advice. First up, since the sports seasons that people care about are over, we discuss this “rap beef” between Lonzo Ball and, his teammate, Kyle Kuzma. Is this really a beef? C’mon. In the 2nd half of the show, we really get into some good advice on when the relationship is over and the actions of both men and women. Rebound sex is a real thing and women want to know why it’s more prevalent for a man than it is for women.

1st Half
* Lonzo Ball Beef with teammate Kyle Kuzma
* Lebron goes to the Lakers
2nd Half
* Men run out and have sex after a break up
* Men hurt too, like women hurt
* Men take action after a break up
* Women get into their feelings after a break up

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