EP 40 NFL Player Suspensions 2018 & Different Situationships

Todays episode dives into the impact that all these suspended NFL players will have on their respective teams.  Is your team at risk of their star player being suspended?  Weigh in with your thoughts.  In the 2nd half, we break down the different situationships men and women find themselves in.  Are you in a “situationship” or “relationship”.
1st Half
Vontaze Burfict, Cincinnati Bengals
Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Julian Edelman, New England Patriots
Corey Luiget, Los Angeles Chargers
David Irvin, Dallas Cowboys
Josh Huff, New Orleans Saints
Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers

2nd Half
Are you in a relationship that has no defined roles and titles? Do you find yourself asking yourself, ‘what are we doing’? Is your man or woman missing for days on end and you have no idea where they are? If yes to any of these answers is yes, then you are in a situationship. Tune in and find out if you are in one and which type of situationship you are in

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