EP 41 Greg Hardy Contract With UFC & Why You May Want To Forgive A Cheater

Today’s episode tackles the Greg Hardy, not the former NFL Player, but the UFC Greg Hardy and his 2nd chance at professional sports competition. In the 2nd half we get into the benefits of forgiving and staying with someone who has cheated. Yes, benefits to forgiving a cheater.

1st Half
Greg Hardy has a new contract and it’s not an NFL contract. It’s a UFC contract. After going 3-0 in the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA), Dana White took notice and signed Hardy to an undisclosed contract. Then Hardy proceeded to win his first UFC fight in a matter of 57 seconds. Dana Whites reaction is priceless.

2nd Half
So you had a conversation about being in an exclusive monogamous relationship. After a while, you find out that the person you had this conversation with has cheated. Do you just end the relationship and leave? Do you forgive and move on with the relationship? We dive into some benefits on why you should stay.

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