EP 42 Lebron James, Lakers and Free Agents and Sexual Chemistry

Todays episode we tackle the frenzy of signings in the NBA free agency market including the Lakers signing Lebron James, Paul George resigning in Oklahoma City and the rest of the big names in the NBA.  In the 2nd half of the show we talk about sexual chemistry with your partner.  Have you ever been attracted to someone so much, looked forward to having sex with them and it was awful? Well, this show is for you

1st Half
Lebron James signs with the Los Angeles Lakers, Chris Paul resigns with the Houston Rockets, Paul George resigns with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Trevor Ariza signs a one year deal with the Phoenix Suns, Kevin Durant resigns with the Golden State Warriors and the surprise signings.
2nd Half
The key to a long lasting relationship is sex. Yes, sexual chemistry is vital to a monogamous exclusive relationship. What should you do if you find yourself in a relationship that you feel has bad sexual chemistry and what you should do about it.

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