EP 44 NFL Arrest Log & Mistakes Women Make In Arguments

Today’s episode tackles the ongoing arrests of NFL stars.  A piggyback from the last episode where players were getting suspended based on false accusations, we dive into the arrests of current NFL players. In the 2nd Half we follow up on the Mistakes made when arguing. This time we focus on women’s mistakes.

1st Half
Brandon Browner, arrested for attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend? Oh my. We look into what could have REALLY happened. Also, Marquez White, a less criminal story, had a warrant out for his arrest after the officers that stopped him let him go. What gives with that? Find out why this story is very fishy.

2nd Half
Mistakes Women Make When Arguing
Hopefully, this can help some women in communicating more effectively. If they can stop raising their voices in emotion, asking rhetorical and critical questions, generalizing complaints, bring up old issues, comparing their man to another man, expecting their man to make them feel good and controlling the conversation, relationships would be a lot easier.

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