EP 47 Youth Football Equipment Needs & 6 Non-Negotiable Needs of Women

Today’s episode tackles the youth football equipment to avoid and what you should get your youth athletes.¬† In the second half of the show, in a follow-up, to our previous show, the non-negotiable needs of men, we discuss the non-negotiable¬†needs of women.

1st Half
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* The helmets to get your youth athlete
* The helmets to avoid getting your youth athletes
* The importance of jaw pads
* Different shoulders pads to learn about
* Which shoulder pad is right for your youth athlete
* Different cleats to avoid and which cleats are the best per position

2nd Half
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The non-negotiable needs of women which men need to satisfy their women:

* Caring
* Understanding
* Respect
* Loyalty
* Validation
* Reassurance

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