EP62 – Enjoying Youth Sports & Reasons Men Lie

Today’s episode tackles the importance of just enjoying the youth sports experience and the 2nd half tackles the reasons men lie.  Too often, as parents and athletes, we get caught up in the fundamentals, techniques, wins, and losses and lose sight of the reason we even play or watch the games.  For the pure enjoyment.  Listen as @asportsfreak gives advice and tips on how to enjoy your youth sports games again.  In the 2nd of the show, men lie, we know this, but why? Can you spot a liar?  Listen in as the @renegade_relationship gives the 6, and in essence ONE MAJOR, reason men lie.
1st Half – Enjoying Youth Sports
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* Do Not Coach
* Do Not Get Caught Up in Wins & Losses
* The Art of the Back Off
* Be Their Parent
2nd Half – Reasons Men Lie
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Woman gesturing while quarreling with her partner

* Don’t Want To Hurt Feelings
* Insecurity
* Avoid Confrontation
* Ego Boost

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