EP76 How To Make The Basketball Team & Most Searched Relationship Topics

Today’s episode tackles the key tips to make any basketball team and the 2nd half tackles, the most searched relationship topics of the year. Is your search on the list?
1st Half – Tips For Your Children To Guaranteeing To Making the Basketball Team
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* Energy
* Discipline
* Hustle
* Communicate with Coaches
* Do What You Do Best
* Be Early
2nd Half – Most Searched Relationship Topics
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* What does a healthy relationship look
* How do you know your relationship is over
* How to get out of a toxic relationship
* How to get over a relationship
* What is an open relationship
* How to save your relationship
* What is a poly relationship
* How to build trust in a relationship
* How to change your relationship status on facebook
* How to make a long distance relationship work

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