EP 28 – ESPNs Top 20 Dominant Athletes & Petty Women

Back in March 2018, ESPN the Magazine put out a list of the 20 most dominant athletes of the last 20 years.  The 1st half of the episode, we tackle this (preposterous) list of the 20 most dominant athletes.  Granted its of the last 20 years, the list still needs work.  You can tell that ESPN didn’t want any women backlash by putting some athletes on the list that, obviously, don’t belong on the list.

In the 2nd half of the show, we tackle some issues black women have when a certain man gets into a relationship.  We polled some folks to find out about their social media lifestyles, who engages with them and what happens when real life meets social media life.  We found something very disturbing about women which lead me to ask just one question – WHY ARE Y’ALL SO PETTY?

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