EP 33 – NFL AA Players To Boycott & How To Tell Your Spouse Sex Is Lacking

Today’s episode is fire.  We tackle the potential boycott of Black players in the NFL.  The 2nd of of the show we talk about and advise on how to tell your spouse that the sex life is lacking.

1st Half

  • The potential fallout of a boycott
  • What do you players that boycott do now
  • Who should we boycott?  The NFL, Sponsorships?

2nd Half

  • what are we talking about? lack of sex or doing something our spouse doesn’t like?
  • suggest what you want sexually
  • take accountability for what you want in the bedroom
  • process of making a sexual wish list

Tune in and listen as we discuss all the hot topics in the world of sports and, hopefully, you can take action on our relationship segment.

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