EP 23 – NFL AFC North and Dating Red Flags

Good Afternoon Friend, Family and Foes… todays we tackle the AFC North!  The Steelers of Pittsburgh, the Browns of Cleveland, the Ravens of Baltimore and the Bengals of Cincinnati.  If either of these teams are your squad, pay very close attention to what our opinionated analysis says about your team.  Did each of these teams do enough prior the draft to make a major impact on their seasons?  Who did the most?  Who did the least?  Way in and comment on what you think your squad needs.

In the second half of the show, we get into dating red flags.  Certain things to look out for when initially dating someone.  We are not talking about the process in which you meet a person, we are talking about after the meeting and subsequent dates.  What, specific, things men and women should look out for during the first month of dating to determine whether this person has potential.  Do you have your own list of red flags?  Do you actually adhere to the list despite how charming a man or woman could be?

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