Relationship-Related Products:

Renegade Relationship was written after Mori dealt with death,  divorced, being diagnosed with depression and forcefully downsized all within a years time. Experiencing such traumas, Mori Langshaw Sr. found himself needing answers. After years of relationship counseling, he quickly realized he did not want to be a bad example for his children. Mori knew the set of rules and standards he and others like him were living by needed to be adjusted. This prompted him to create the Renegade Relationship, a new standard which includes five pillars that will help create one successful relationship at a time.

Sports-Related Products:

Mia Mignon’s youth football book is a depiction of her experiences as a youth football mom and offers the advice she wishes she had when she first entered the world of youth football. This book is great to read for the youth football player himself ( herself); after all, he/she is the reason why we make the sacrifices¬†we make as parents.