EP 35 – Top 5 Sports Beefs & Anal Play

Todays episode gets a bit X-rated.  But we start with the Top 5 Sports Beefs of all time.  A Sports Beef is an argument or fight or disagreement that transcended beyond the basketball court, football field or any athletic arena.  It could go to the media or personal attacks.  The 2nd half of the show we tackle a mans desire to receive anal stimulation before, during or after sex.  What do you like in the bed?  Share your thoughts.

  • Dr. J vs Bird vs Magic?
  • Shaq vs Kobe?
  • Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

And a Surprise #1 on Mia’s list that I totally ended up agreeing with

The 2nd half discusses

  • Different ways men want to be stimulated
  • Positions to be stimulated
  • Do’s and Dont’s of getting stimulated

Enjoy the show and please leave a comment or review.

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