EP63 Signs Youth Sports Has Taken Over Your Life & 7 Myths Of Dating Men

Today’s episode tackles Signs that youth sports have taken over your life and Seven Myths of dating men. In the 1st half of the show, youth parents are shown the signs that their child’s youth activity has taken, or is taking, over your life. It’s important to be aware of these before it starts to ruin relationships outside of sports. In the second half, we discuss the 7 myths of dating men that women should be made aware of. Many women think that men are a particular way, in general. And they are not.
1st Half – Signs Youth Sports Have Taken Over Your Life
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* The Conversation
* Spouse is Missing
* Diet
* Travel
* Skipping Events/Church
2nd Half – 7 Myths of Dating Men
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* Dress
* Conversation
* Compliments
* Sex
* Feelings
* Intimidating Women
* Commitment

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